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Live Music for Charity


Live music entertainment by popular bands and talented musicians with proceeds donated to charities in the community.


Pam Proud and Freetime Reunion - Fundraiser

Pam Proud and Freetime Reunion - Fundraiser

Reunion - Fundraiser

WE RAISED  $16,043.20 for the Cross Cancer Institute -Volunteers - Hostess Cart!


Pam Proud Band Reunion Fundraiser present cheque to Cross Cancer Institute Edmonton

(l to r) Susan Fyfe-Brown – fundraiser organizer, Susan Jensen – President Cross Cancer Institute Volunteer Association, Alan Quilley – Pam Proud Band, Jean Frost – Board member of Cross Cancer Institute Volunteer Association, Rollie LaMarche – Pam Proud Band,  
Marie Quilley with poster                    photo credit: Rob Swyrd photography



 For our families touched by cancer, proceeds to the Cross Cancer Institute.

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Henry Korol

Twisted Image   1967-1970
International Dateline 1970-1972
Doctor Ball 1970-1973
Sundance 1973-1974
Brass Drops 1974-1975
Franklin Stove 1975-1977
Major Shuffle 1981-1985
Jae Mac and the Whyte Guise 1985-1990
Freetime 1988-1995
After Midnight 1996-2001 (Vancouver)
Baja South Band 2004-2011 La Paz Mx.
Laura and the Baja Boys La Paz Mx. 2011-Present

"I loved playing in all the groups and each had its own merits. Probably the best fun I ever had was with Freetime on the road to the out of town gigs.
Lots of stories to tell. Should write a book!! Thanks"  ~ Henry



Ray Titiryn

Odyssey                     1969 - 70

The Morning After        1970 – 72
The Commancheros     1972 – 74

Brinkman Brothers       1974 – present 
The Nomads               1992 – 2007
Pam Proud Band          1995 – present

The LaRaDos              2007 – present

Ray has great memories from the road! "Can’t believe that at one time we were so motivated that we would move an unchopped Hammond B3 and Leslie from gig to gig. Those were also the days before stage monitors. What fun!!!"



Alan Quilley

Bands I Remember – the years are fuzzy!

  • Shattered Glass
  • Gringo
  • Defenders of the Lost Rock
  • Hot Wax
  • Freetime
  • Pam Proud Band
  • Time Warp
  • Rita McDade and the Fusion Blues Band

Favourite Memory

Walking down Don McMeckan’s street and seeing him playing along with “Light My Fire” through his living room window. Don Rimstad and I went back and asked Don to join our band! Playing in Gringo at the Kiwanis Club Rock Festival with Don, Don and Joan. Can’t wait to do it again!

Rollie LaMarche

The Fusion Blues Band - current

The Pam Proud Band 85 -2000


The Post, formerly The Evening Post

The Risers


The Larry Rice Band

Spring Colt

The Dusters – 71-73, country band named after old western movies