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Live Music for Charity


Live music entertainment by popular bands and talented musicians with proceeds donated to charities in the community.


Gord Steinke with Train Wreck

Gord Steinke with Train Wreck


Train Wreck is an Edmonton, Alberta based band comprised of veterans from the local music scene. Train Wreck has shared the stage with a number of touring acts and have played numerous festivals from Edmonton RockFest to Summer Stomp and Toad Rock. Check out their CD "24 Hours" and the song "I Am Canadian" on iTunes.


Steve Hartley - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Warren Beaudry - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Bob Walker - Bass/Vocals

Roger Rensen - Drums

Glen Halls - Keyboard/Vocals 



Steve Hartley

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Steve has performed with various local bands around Edmonton from 1989 to 1997. He returned to the music industry with the band Train Wreck since 2006 and is continuing to sing for the band to the present day. Throughout his career he has shared the stage with various touring bands including Jefferson Starship, Streetheart, Prism and many more. When asked what his favourite memory is, Steve responded "Great nights with great crowds are always good memories", and it's so true.

Steve enjoys songwriting and recording, and is also a Basset Hound Rescue supporter. 

Bob Walker


Bob Walker's Band History:

Lynx (or versions thereof) 72-78

Various Circuit Cover Bands 79-94

Offramp 96-04

Linda McKeen 00-04, 

Train Wreck 04(?) - Present 

We asked Bob who he's played music with and to quote, his reply is "Lots"!  A standout memory for him is playing the Montreal Forum. His hobby - Philately and favourite music is "Anything that is harmonically Interesting & Rhythmically Dense & adventurous"



Glen Halls


Keyboardist Glen Halls has been playing professionally for 35 years. A jazz musician by trade, he is a common sideman with various ad hoc blues and folk groups in and around Edmonton.

Glen has recorded with Grammy winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and other prominent Indian musicians. The latest addition to Train Wreck, Glen has been playing with the band for about four years now. When asked what a standout memory is for him, Glen recalls playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

An avid outdoorsman, Glen enjoys mountain biking and kayaking. He also volunteers for the Edmonton Aspergers Housing group. Check out some of Glen's music at  

Roger Rensen


Juke Joint 96-98

Bad Habits 99-2001

Trainwreck 2003-2017

Dangerous Guise 2017 to present

and numerous others.

Roger has played with pretty much everyone in the Edmonton music community, and the genres range from Rock and Roll, to Blues and R & B scenes. We asked Roger about his memories of a stand out performance and he responded that "Every live performance is a standout memory because I enjoy playing so much and bonding with the crowd and musicians I play with."

Roger's life is all about music! "Music is the one passion that let's me be creative and put my heart and soul into."

Live Music for Charity Blog

A conversation with 
Gord Steinke

Gord Steinke

Global news anchor Gord Steinke will be entertaining music fans. We chatted with Gord about his music career, how his journalism career is similar to music and what fans can expect when he hits the stage in September. 


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